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  • How do I report a comment?

Click the “report” link in the comment.

  • Where is my comment history?

At the top of the comments section when you’re logged in, you’ll see “My Profile.” Your comment history and “Ignored Users” are there. Other features will be added soon.

  • Why can’t I see other commenters’ history?

Coral deliberately hides other people’s history, which could be used to harass, stalk, and abuse other commenters across the site. Coral has been designed from the ground up to improve community behavior and make online spaces safer.

  • I just realized I made a typo in my comment. Can I edit it?

You have up to one minute after you submit your comment to edit it, after which your comment will be posted to the section.

  • Who else has access to my comment data?

Coral uses two third-party comment analysis services to help run its system, neither of which can access your email address or username.  

  • Will I have to use my real name on Coral?

No, your comments will appear under a username that you choose. You will be able to change that username shortly.

  • Are you getting any advertising revenue from Coral?

No, Coral does not run any advertisements.

  • What will happen to my old Disqus comments? Will they be deleted?

Once we launch Coral sitewide, the old Disqus comments will still be visible on stories, but you won’t be able to add new ones except in Coral.

  • What does Coral have that Disqus doesn’t?

For Mother Jones moderators, Coral has additional tools that will help us create a better community, including software that will directly alert commenters that they’re writing something that may violate our guidelines.

  • How do I download my comments?

Coming soon.

  • How do I delete my account?

Coming soon.

  • I have a suggestion for improving the comments. How do I submit it?

Please email all suggestions to, and our moderation team will do our best to get back to you.