Left, Right, and Wrong

Worse than conservatives’ pretense of moral superiority is liberals’ pretense
of superiority to morals.


Jesus Christ’s Superflock

At today’s megachurches, endless amenities—like high-end child care, celebrity speakers, and thousands of support groups—feed the needs of the exurban soul.

From Bagram to Abu Ghraib

The Pentagon had evidence of serious abuses at American interrogation centers in Afghanistan as early as 2002. But instead of curtailing the practices, officials exported them to Iraq.

P L U S :

Fatima Abdulbaqi last saw her husband three years ago, when he went shopping in Islamabad, Pakistan. Seven months later, she got a letter postmarked Guantanamo.

The Asthma Trap

Doctors say asthma should be easy to keep under control—yet the epidemic is now one of the leading causes of hospitalization for children. What is leaving millions of kids out of breath?

Sacrificial Ram

In which a gringo millionaire blasts a 300 Mag bullet into an endangered bighorn sheep—and helps save a species in the process.

Make Your Taxes Disappear!

Under Republican leadership, corporate tax revenues have fallen to their lowest rate since 1983. That’s because everyone—from racetrack owners to ceiling fan importers to friends
of Tom DeLay—can score favors with Congress.


Editor’s Note

Iraq’s open-ended occupation; Shelved in Steinbeck country; Congressmen cry wolf; Retire like a Chilean; Scared sexless; A whistle blows at Homeland Security; plus our Hellraiser sniffs the Charles River

This New House
Extreme Consumption: Home Edition

Permission to Speak Freely

In a new campus crusade, conservatives are asking government to curb left-wing bullies. Whatever happened to standing up for one’s own point of view?

The Money Pose

Yoga teacher Bikram Choudhury owns a Rolls-Royce and a Rolex, and he’s hoping to own the
rights to a piece of the ancient discipline itself.

Bollywood on Parade

Gary Greenberg on the selling of the Ivory Tower; The Yes Men punk the suits; plus more book, music, and filmreviews

Resources for getting involved

Signs of Freedom in Iraq
Cartoon by Barry Blitt