Mother Jones Magazine Cover : November + December 2019

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  • Cover Story
  • Covid Pro Quo

    Donald Trump’s killer corruption

  • Failed State

    A timeline of Covid-19 denial

  • Death and Taxes

    Ready for even more tax cuts for the rich?

  • Cruise Control

    How the Trumpiest industry on Earth stays afloat.

  • Escape Artist

    A non-paranoid guide to virus lab escapes.

  • Going Postal

    The GOP has new ways to squash your vote.

  • “Workers are Being Sacrificed”

    As coronavirus cases mounted, a giant meatpacker kept workers on the job.

  • The Prince of PPE

    Jared Kushner had one job: Solve America’s supply crisis. He helped private companies instead.

  • Bitter Pill

    We need COVID-19 treatments ASAP—but a perverse incentive could slow pharma breakthroughs.

  • Debt Collector

    Donald Trump has $500 million in loans coming due. They may be his biggest conflict of interest yet.

  • Carried Interest

    The plastic industry has a brand new bag, thanks to the coronavirus.

  • Plot for America

    Bring back victory gardens—for good.